Round Table – 03.07.2018

Italy after the elections – consequences for Europe

The formation of a government in Italy has already caused considerable unrest on the markets. Once again it became clear: what happens politically and economically in the third largest country in the Eurozone affects Germany and Europe directly. read more...


EU to go spezial – 19.06.2018

Euro reforms: Europe in the run-up to the summit

Before the start of the working day, a new edition of “EU to go spezial” focused on EMU reforms before the upcoming European summit. Lucas Guttenberg (Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin) and Katharina Gnath (Bertelsmann Stiftung) presented the current state of the debate on Euro area reforms. read more...


CEPS IdeasLab - 23.02.2018

Panel discussion on EMU at 2018 CEPS IdeasLab

At the two-day conference organized by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels, members of our project team were involved in a panel discussion on what is needed for a stable Eurozone. read more...


EU to go – 20.10.2017

Euro reform: Where are we?

The project invited Berlin-based policy-makers and experts to discuss the state of play of Eurozone reforms on the eve of German coalition negotiations. read more...


EU to go – 11.07.2017

Euro politics: a look ahead

Under the title “Euro politics: a look ahead“, we presented our new publication series “Europa Briefing” in Berlin. The event was organized in the context of the joint project “Repair and Prepare: Strengthen the euro” between the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin. read more...


Panel discussion – 30.05.2017

Panel discussion in Rome on how to foster growth in the euro area

The French presidential election gave renewed hope to proponents of the European integration project. There is momentum in many European capitals behind the belief that the euro is incomplete and cannot last without major reforms. To discuss how to reform the euro area and to foster growth we presented our report at AREL in Rome and discussed next steps with Italy’s finance Minister. read more...

Round table discussion – 29.03.2017

“Who pays for Brexit?”

Disagreements about the EU budget have always been a salient issue in the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. It is therefore no surprise that one of the key questions in the Brexit negotiations is “Who pays?” read more...

Panel discussion – 22.02.2017

Panel discussion in Lisbon on the future of the Euro

As it nears its 60th anniversary, the European Union is haunted by a succession of crises. Europe’s economy has just gone through a lost decade. Growth and investment remain low, while debt and unemployment have settled at high levels in many parts of the eurozone. At this crucial juncture in Europe’s history, we brought together an expert panel at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon to discuss the proposal by our Working Group and the Portuguese perspective on the future of the euro area. read more...

Panel Discussion – 17.01.2017

Panel discussion in Vienna: Eurozone reforms in turbulent times

The euro remains vulnerable and needs reforms. Otherwise the common currency will not survive the next crisis. At the invitation of the Oesterreichische Zentralbank, we discussed which reforms to the euro area are necessary and feasible in the current political climate that is marked by the rise of populist and anti-European Sentiments. read more...

Presentation – 22.09.2016

Task force presents recommendations on euro reform in Brussels

As part of a multi-city road show, we presented the report “Growth and the Euro after Brexit” to an audience of policy-makers from different European institutions. The high-level working group has brought together the best ideas to strengthen the euro area and translated them into a comprehensive reform strategy at this crucial juncture in Europe’s history. read more...

Panel Discussion – 22.09.2016

Panel discussion in Berlin

Brexit has created large political and economic uncertainties. Growth remains slow across the continent. We do not know whether a new crisis will happen in six weeks, six months or six year.  But we do know that the euro will not be prepared to face a new crisis. We have assembled a Working Group of international experts who have prepared a three-step plan to reform the Economic and Monetary Union. read more...


CONFERENCE - 03.12.2015

Which convergence for the euro area?

The dramatic negotiations around Greece have triggered another round of soul-searching on the future European Monetary Union. There is a general agreement that the euro area is not viable in its current set-up. There is less agreement on what needs to be done. read more...

CONFERENCE - 20.06.2016

Which Europe after the UK referendum?

The European reaction to the British referendum should be informed by a clear vision of what kind of Europe we want for the future. Together with our distinguished guests, we discussed in an open dialogue what Europe should look like after the British referendum. read more...

CONFERENCE - 02.07.2015

Making the EU Services Market an Engine for Growth

The internal market is the core economic driver of the European Union. It is amongsour most effective means to improve the conditions for greater growth and investment in Europe. The services sector plays a central part in our economy, accounting for over 70 percent of EU GDP. read more...