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Wirtschaftsregierung: Welche Steuerung für den Euroraum?

Wie werden Entscheidungen im Euroraum getroffen? Und wie demokratisch sind sie? Diese Fragen rückten während der Eurokrise in den Mittelpunkt ... read more


flashlight europe 07/2017: Brexit und Freizügigkeit in der EU: Die gesetzlichen Grundlagen

Die Brexit-Verhandlungen sind in vollem Gange. Ein zentraler Streitpunkt ist die Personenfreizügigkeit der EU-Bürger. Um die gesetzlichen Grundlagen ... read more


Europäische Steuern: Sollte es sie geben?

In der Europäischen Union ist jeder Mitgliedstaat für sein Steuersystem verantwortlich. Unterschiedliche nationale Besteuerungen dienen dem ... read more


flashlight europe 07/2017: Brexit and Freedom of Movement in the EU: a legal primer

Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU are in full swing. A main point of contention involves the freedom of movement of EU citizens. ... read more


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Wake-Up Call after the Brexit Referendum

The Euro Area needs Reforms

The euro is not equipped for future crises. This is the result of the report by an international expert group. The report puts forward a three-step plan to Reform the European Economic and Monetary Union:

1. A first-aid kit for monetary Union that addresses shortcomings in crisis management and economic coordination.

2. Growth in the EU has to be strengthened by a combination of investments and reforms.

3. In the medium term, the euro has to be based on a large degree of risk sharing and sovereignty sharing.

This goes hand in hand with developing the permanent European rescue mechanism, the ESM, into a European Monetary Fund under greater parliamentary control. read more

Enderlein Briefing Plakat

Europa Briefings

Learn more about the Europa Briefing Series

In the publication series “Europa Briefing”, the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin cover key topics of European politics and present possible scenarios: What is the problem? What might happen next? And what can politics do now?

The series consists of ten poster-sized briefings that will be published throughout 2017. Each poster addresses a distinct policy area, ranging from low interest rates in the eurozone to the Four Freedoms governing the Single Market. read more