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The Economic Costs of Non-Schengen

Schengen means travelling without borders and has been a European success. But the agreement from 1995 has come under pressure from two sides: ... read more


Labour Mobility in the Euro Area: Cure or Curse for Imbalances?

ur mobility in a currency union can be both a curse or a cure. The policy papers look at the years following the crisis of 2008. Did labour mobility ... read more


Germany and the Stability of Europe's Economic and Monetary Union

To what extent has German EU policy contributed to stabilizing the euro? In their policy paper Henrik Enderlein, Katharina Gnath und Jörg Haas ... read more


What kind of convergence does the euro area need?

The Economic and Monetary Union has failed to generate convergence for its member states in the area of economic performance. Since the introduction ... read more


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CONFERENCE - 20.06.2016

Which Europe after the UK referendum?

The European reaction to the British referendum should be informed by a clear vision of what kind of Europe we want for the future. Together with our distinguished guests, we discussed in an open dialogue what Europe should look like after the British referendum. read more


Steering Committee

Our newly formed steering committee will accompany our work, and provide the project team with early feedback and food for thought. The group met for the first time on 3 December 2015 in Berlin, starting an open debate on how to complete EMU. read more